Air Conditioning

Kelen understands the importance of clean, breathable air as the backbone of any habitable building. Generally, our HVAC solutions provide internal air quality, maintenance and regulation of temperatures and humidity. All this is possible with the installation and monitoring of all your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and in some cases refrigeration services.

Internal temperature is regulated and maintained at habitable levels through heating and cooling. Ventilation also plays an important role in regulating breathable air.

Humidity, on the other hand, is handled through humidification and dehumidification of living spaces. In some cases, it might necessitate the need for cooling and heating.

At Kelen, our HVAC systems will be centralised within the building or in local building spaces or sometimes both.

Thus, we offer repair and maintenance services for air conditioning units. Our skilled workers are trained to correctly install the HVAC units to avoid drainage issues associated with uneven instalment. The maintenance we offer ensures that your air conditioning unit runs smoothly saving you money that you would spend on regular repairs. Also, our staffers will skilfully tackle any repair issue that may arise with your air-conditioning unit.