Construction Logistics

Site logistics management

Or site logistics management is set to plan, implement and control the supply chain of resources from the supplier to your construction site. With a clearly laid out timeline of project phases in advance, we create awareness of complete inventory of materials and tools needed for project completion. At Kelen, the effective interaction of teams within each department enhances the supply of material and tools. This in return eases the complex process of logistics management as a whole.

Moreover, Our tactics help best in the enhancement of efficiency and productivity. The services we render will produce positive results for your site while saving you time and money. The logistics management we offer integrates some activities:

  • Lead time assessment
  • Resources assessment
  • Supply and demand planning
  • Sourcing material and procurement
  • Handling of materials
  • On-site plant and vehicle management

Each of the activities outlined above will entirely reduce costs, waste and enhance productivity. Most importantly, requisition of materials and deliveries are tendered and received promptly.

At KELEN, we will come up with a feasibility report and then go on to develop a timeline of the project stages. At every step, we will check the inventory of materials and tools and ensure that the site stays on par.

Delivery management

At Kelen, we offer our clients with the highly sought-after concept of delivery management. We ensure that we provide an integrated type of supply chain for effective delivery of each project so that the needs as indicated by the business owner are met. We are responsible and answer to the business owner while providing them with the necessary data for everyday decision making.

We are ready to oversee your business from a broader perspective and on a high level with the possibility of taking on all responsibility. We have an experienced and professional logistics team where the client becomes the sole project sponsor, we become the managers of the entire project. Also, we also act as an up-to-date supply team of specialist supply chain consultants, facility managers and construction supplies specialists.

We have the training, expertise and knowledge necessary to handle more visible projects. Our team of highly skilled professionals will carry out the administration, organisation, as well as supervision of the technologies, people and plans all which are elements needed to achieve full proficiency.

Supply chain management

To enhance your construction experience, we provide you with a supply chain management (SCM) service that oversees the flow of goods and services between your site and suppliers.

The KELEN SCM handles movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory as well as finished products. We offer full-time active management of supply chain activities that will leave you with a sustainable competitive edge.

SCM becomes an important activity in overall logistical planning on site so that we can keep your site safe and clean. Material and tools inventory provides a professional avenue for storage and requisition to enhance efficiency, reduce wastage and damage.

Our work is to provide you with a seamless experience in the transformation, movement and storage of the materials and goods around the site. This involves, for the most part, the most visible piece in the chain.

Our services highlight and accentuate the conscious effort applied in the development and running of supply chains in cost and time-saving ways.


It is a legal requirement that any construction site should adhere to state legislation and regulations based on worker’s health and safety needs on the site. At Kelen, we offer you high-quality welfare facilities and go on to manage them through regular maintenance. These include and are not limited to;

  • Washing facilities
  • Changing and cloakrooms
  • Clean, safe drinking water and
  • Convenient, accessible sanitary facilities etc.

Through the delivery of high-quality welfare services, we continually communicate to your site workers that their welfare, safety and security on site are a priority. This, in turn, helps to improve worker mood, making them more productive and active during shift hours. Since your site workers do not have to worry about their safety anymore, they focus on increasing efficiency thereby saving you time, resources and money.

Using our welfare management will stamp a seal of approval from the site staffers and site visitors because of the high-quality services we provide.
The KELEN welfare solutions cover the supply, installation and maintenance of structures such as makeshift kitchens, accommodation blocks, installation of toilets and other temporary structures.

We emphasise on providing separate facilities for both genders. However, if that’s not available, it is important to install lockable doors in each facility. At Kelen, we understand that welfare management extends to the social environment around which your company operates from. Thus, we will derive possible ways in which your company would engage in corporate social responsibility as a form of welfare for the neighbouring society.

Traffic management

The KELEN staff is trained to work alongside with as well as communicate with other departments at your construction site. We will offer verbal and written briefs that notify contractors, delivery companies, inspectors and other concerned parties about the route leading to and from the site. Using a scaled map, we will determine all possible points of entry and exit. After identifying the points of access, we decide how vehicles will move to where the material is stored and how best to access everything necessary for the job at hand.

Our traffic management services provide on-site assessment and arrangement of activities taking place on the site for efficient flow of each activity. Our experts provide a wide range of health and safety standards, assessment of risks, pre-construction issues and monitoring entry and exit from the site. Moreover, we provide management of movable equipment around the site. We work in close relation with the security department to ensure efficient entry and exit of construction machinery, by providing gate passes to necessary contractors.

We plan the routeing of construction, demolition and excavating vehicles. Initially, we offer a proposed supply route which will be most safe, and if possible leads directly to the site from any main road. Our jurisdiction also covers notifying concerned parties about on-site restricted zones before they can visit the site. The goal is to ensure movement around accessible areas on site.

Waste management

A lot of waste is generated during site construction. With particular attention on hazardous waste, we offer you with responsible means of waste disposal.Before commencing the construction process, we always call on our clients to discuss possible ways of legal, and responsible waste management. We will provide an in-depth explanation on disposed of material and rubble with a principle focus on re-using, recycling and use of biodegradables.

At Kelen, we take waste disposal and management as a joint responsibility between our client and the contractor. This ensures effective and efficient disposal of waste within the entire construction process. When the project is complete, we understand what to do with the rubble and other waste material that will need to be taken care of.

Our trained professionals will dispose of hazardous waste responsibly. Where necessary, we might have to designate a special furnace for getting rid of waste. Our disposal methods are eco-friendly, and we make it a point to examine the ecological as well as economic impact when conducting waste management on site. Implementing our waste management methods will significantly reduce the environmental effects, even during construction thereby considerably increasing logistics efficiency.

Security management

This wing exists to help business to protect their facilities. Under security management, we are proud to offer our clients of any size and industry with integrated security solutions. On cue, we are there to keep your premises and all data safe and secure.

Our security management focuses on both indoor and outdoor aspects. We provide a well-established security system based on asset management, warehouse management, and establish a secure working environment in the construction process. When the project is completed, we issue our clients with all keys, admin security logs, transmitters etc.

All prerequisite documents such as construction guides, certificates of installation of lifts, escalators and other equipment, state approvals and waivers are archived and maintained in safe custody.

We use the latest technologies in the identification of your business’ assets. Then go further by developing, documenting and implementing policies and procedures in line with securing these assets.