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Maintaining your property is important as it guarantees the quality of the structure, reducing the risk of damage over time and keeping your home or business premises in great condition as well as keeping your risk possibility low and reducing the chance of unanticipated expenses. Allowing to take care and responsibility of your maintenance needs will take the weight off your shoulders.

We are able to keep track of both your property's electrical and mechanical aspects, guaranteeing their functionality and ensuring you remain open for business

KELEN offers full maintenance services for your home or business facilities, no matter how small or big. Our professional electrical engineers and maintenance teams are fully trained, skilled and experienced, providing you with the assurance your property is in safe hands. Every project is overseen by our CEO and tracked from start to finish, providing you will the full details of the work undertaken.

Our services include regular maintenance regimes, which take a preventative approach ensuring no damage is likely to occur to the structure or electrical aspects of your property. We can predict the lifespan of your existing assets and expand their longevity by offering a responsive service and repairing any unexpected issues straight away.

If you're looking for ongoing, reactive maintenance for your property and would like to discuss our service or set up a contract providing complete coverage, please contact us for a no obligation consultation and quote.

Planned Preventative maintenance

The art of planning ahead is vital in property maintenance. At KELEN we offer ongoing planned preventative measures that are meant to keep your property safe and secure for months ahead. The primary goal of planned preventative maintenance is to provide checks for possible partial or complete repair and overhaul of office spaces. Therefore, we wil help you take a preventative approach eliminating possible damages. A portion of the property obligations that require proficient oversight include but are not limited to:

  • Front office management
  • Transport office management
  • Messenger and mail services
  • Attendant services
  • Stockroom organisation

The purpose of this undertaking is to provide a proactive approach on maintenance so that small issues do not develop into complicated issues. Utilising our services eliminates any negative impact on your company’s productivity, while distributing maintenance costs more evenly.

It becomes important to plan for your maintenance schedules and communicate with Kelen to give us a clear picture of your requirements. This way, you give us an opportunity to track and manage planned maintenance on your firm, depending on working hours to avoid unnecessary delays.

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance is crucial in that it enhances the look and appearance of business assets, and ensures that each of them operates at maximum efficiency. This service incorporates an extensive variety of services that for the most part centres on the general oversight of realty including physical premises, gear and environs. As a rule, this will likewise incorporate a hands-on type of service.

The importance of this service does not only yield benefit to the building and assets. However, inexperienced or minimal maintenance schedules could reduce performance, pose health risks to members of your company, and threaten their safety as they occupy buildings and obviously, the result in a reduced reputation of your business. To avoid all these problems and possibly more, you need our services for focused, top of the range repair work.

At Kelen, we use the latest technology to conduct thorough operational and functional checks, servicing, replacement and repairing of building infrastructure. This is an endeavour that maintains and enhances structural safety and stability of buildings. If you are going to continue operating in a safe and presentable environment, maintenance work is an integral part of company procedures.

Surveys, inspections and audits

Every building requires appropriate management both at construction and operational stages to keep running legitimately. Part of the services offered at Keller include the spot audits, inspections and surveys that ensure a building infrastructure stays valuable to the owner. Thus the obligations related to facility maintenance cover broad zones of business capacities, that will include;

  • Maintenance of furniture and electronic apparatuses (e.g. lighting frameworks, HVAC frameworks etc.)
  • Space usage, inside outlining and so on.
  • Conducting assessments, endorsements and instalment of related expenses and expenses
  • Safety and security
  • Overall neatness of the association
  • Maintenance of cost records
  • Maintaining stable monetary position of the association
  • Check if the practices of business are in line with Federal, State and Local laws in regards to zoning, revealing of salary, the activity of a company and worker conditions.

Routing Compliance Procedures

The fundamentals of a successful building infrastructure rely on all parties involved taking their roles over and beyond the call of duty. Failure to comply with the shipper’s routing guide will result in the collapse of the entire system. We offer you with tried and tested compliance programs that will set requirements that bear perfect results and effectively resolves any problems should they arise. The Following the advice of Harold B. Friedman, the trusted Vice-president of Data2Logistics, KELEN provides the best possible routing measures. From this point forward, compliance does not become an issue. Here is how we ensure routing guide compliance;

  • Staying up front about chargebacks as this keeps a transparent working relationship between purchaser and vendor
  • Availing the routing guide such that anyone who requires it can have quick access to it
  • Continually updating the routing guide and thus making it easier for all parties concerned to know the important details.

Facilities Management

Due to the increasing demand for facility management worldwide, here at KELEN, we are aware that our skilled and experienced workforce can deliver most or all of the services to the intended clients. Through management of our qualified staff, we are in total control, management and governance of every part of the practical services carried out. At KELEN, we do not rely on any third party subcontractors. No outsourcing mechanism can perform on the same level of efficiency as we do. As an entity, having a business property is crucial to functionality. Increasing the facility value makes even more lucrative, and therefore, facilities management is highly recommended. To keep up the utilities inside a property, there must be a plan and projections of how to do the work. At KELEN, it is our duty to develop facilities management, so you don’t have to worry about that. Our goal is to come up with best practices that guarantee all facilities are well managed An integrated facilities management arrangement hence comes in to ensure that our customers get the most ideal management for their facilities. This service will go far in reducing the measures taken in disposing wastage related to poor management. Outside of facilities management, there are a few classes of services engaged with facilities management that we also offer.

Project management services

We offer a full house service which also includes ongoing project management. This service is set to ascertain that there are no flaws in your project. With a dedicated team of highly trained professionals, the KELEN project management is set to custom fit the home or business.

Our project management services focuses on key aspects; this includes understanding and evaluating the design of your building, current value and status of the project . We also focus on ensuring that our client’s needs and their operations are understood by other service providers. By doing this, we are able to put in place a suitable building and maintenance regime. Even though it could be challenging to ensure that the design of a new project is transferred across actual operations of the entire organisation, our project contractors will consider every aspect they could implement. We offer a full in-house project management package that will help you save time and costs while receiveing the best service on your project.

Regardless the size. Your project’s lifespan relies on the plans and measures taken before, during and after it has run its course. What we do is offer a solid maintenance solution, which when effectively applied, will last a lifetime.