Painting & Decorating

Kelen employees are trained to use high-quality paints. Using the latest, safest application methods, we ensure that you have a quality paint job. Whether it is a new project, a renovation or remodelling of business spaces requiring an upgrade through painting, let us take care of that. We have a team of experts in colour schematics, paint application and advanced tools for an effective painting job. It is sometimes possible to purchase run down properties, but you can update their look simply by painting and decorating them.

Coupled with the procurement of the right paint for your job and professional decorators, we are confident in positive results. Basically, we provide you with value for your money. We will incorporate your ideas into the paintwork to make sure that your vision comes to life.

Decorating can be a time-consuming and challenging job. We take that load off you by offering high quality and visually appealing decorations. Again, we consider your input and conversely provide advice on what we think may be the best decoration. In the end, we ensure that the decorations did are up to your expectation and beyond satisfactorily done.