Retails Services

Retail Logistics

KELEN is a leading service provider in the provision of logistics. In the industry, only a few key players have the power and ability to provide the quality of services our team does. Our esteemed clients have witnessed the actual merits of KELEN from the moment we apply our retail logistics services. We have a long history as leaders for retail logistics including taking care of the merchandise between owners and ensuring that there is safe, secure and fast transportation. We are happy with our reputation as gold masters for the third party retail logistics for our clients. Such a credible reputation is built on integrity, strong partnership relations, honesty, and attention to small details with both the retail community and customers over an extended period. Thus, we are committed to using the advanced technology combined with experienced and genius staff to ensure your success in warehousing. Finding the best storage has never been this easy. In fact, it is one of the most complex and tedious tasks to be dealt with. That is the reason we are inviting you to check out the logistics end at KELEN. We will aid your business to build long-term and profitable customer relationships.

Retail exhibition

It is true what they say, Managing a retail store does not involve only ringing up customers and standing behind counters. To be successful in the retail industry, you have to get out there and learn the new trends in the retail sector. That’s why we have created this service for you. At KELEN, we are determined to spice up your digital strategy and improve your store look through our retail exhibition service. Our retail exhibition is our flagship service. It covers every element of expanding and managing a retail store. Those aspects include merchandising, brand management, marketing, mobile retailing and much more. In case you are having some difficulties connecting with your fellow retailers, retail authorities and vendors, we can ensure you a guaranteed connection with them via a classy retail exhibition service provided by KELEN.

Promotion Stands

Promotion stands provide an engaging and vibrant way to exert influence on your customer attention. Our promotion stands are ideal for any successful company willing to promote new products at numerous road venues.

At KELEN, each project will be showcased on available media for potential financing, return on your investment, and optimum profits. When done by us, promotion stands on various project designs will factor long-term financial responsibility for positive impact on your company's wealth and investment.

Our promotion stands are robustly designed and attractive-looking for your customised brands. We really want you to look professional when promoting your products and services in such attractive ways.

Display wall

Since our first venture in the facility management industry, we have genuinely remained firm believers of reliability, quality, and technological innovation. Our global leading display wall solutions embody our desire to provide our customers with high-end quality products. The KELEN display walls are designed for maximum performance. At KELEN, we offer the best service on display walls. We are you the optimal solutions in display walls service you can ever find. We offer you quality breeds and creations that are well designed. Our mission- a critical display wall solution for maximum exposure. We offer you multiple and vast materials to suit your specifications.

Display column

KELEN provides you with an excellent and ideal way to show and advertise your elite services and products to the whole world. Our display column will always be there to do the task for you. Whether you need to set it up in your storefront or even for a trade show, the KELEN display columns come with style and class. We offer you with all types and sizes of display columns. Each display column is treated separate from the rest to ensure quality and uniqueness. Our display columns give customers a chance to make a real order. When set up correctly, your products not only stand out but also gets to be presented as best as possible. In case you need a display column to either install permanently or temporarily, at KELEN, we offer the decorative columns that you need.

Retail Unit

It is desirable to lease or purchase freehold office spaces and premises, however, renting these spaces exposes the business to a variety of pitfalls. Therefore you will need to identify and mitigate these pitfalls for better rates of success. Our retail unit and space letting specialists have exclusive knowledge on business rates, insurance policies and premiums, as well as service charges.

We offer one of the best retail units for our customers. At KELEN, we understand how hard it is to find an affordable retail unit that can meet your business functionality needs. Our advice will provide a clear guide on upfront costs based on legal and operation requisition, fees and other operational costs. Each of the leases decided upon, has in-depth details of the state of the market.

We offer an overwhelming list of offers on retail units.

Secure storage

Nothing is as frustrating and money-wasting like finding secure storage. We have created the best secure storage. Our warehouses are secured with the latest security measures. These include clear, high-quality CCTV installation which provides our client peace of mind when it comes to storage stresses.

Proper coordination between other departments at KELEN ensures an efficient flow of materials and tools from the warehouse to the construction sites. Moreover, secure storage prevents damage, theft and misappropriation of project materials, that would complicate overall construction procedures. We save you money by eliminating the risk of loss, neglect and thieving of material and tools.

We also partner with logistics partners to provide an updated inventory of what comes in the warehouse and storage facilities and what goes out. Nonetheless, we offer equipment that provides safe storage of material ensuring minimal dilapidation of materials.

Window display

In case you are a small retailer, and you are wondering what to plan on your first pop-up store, think no further. At KELEN, we have the solution for you. Our highly skilled staff understands that retail window display is one of the best tools in your toolkit to be a perfect tool man. We give you the chance to display your brand’s unique personality to turn the heads of your potential customers. KELEN offers window displays of various sizes and shapes. N is too small or big for us to handle. We understand the need for a clear display and take our time to understand your brief before custom making the window display of your dreams.

Shop Fitting

We offer professional and complete shop fitting solutions for our customers. Our reviews on designing shop layouts, executing plans and installing services and equipment to our customers are worthy the ratings. We have a vast selection of shop fittings. These are for all types and sizes of business.

Our shop fit outs also include existing buildings, partitioning and installation of finishings on fit outs. It is important that each of the improvements in the shop fittings provide an exclusiveness and merit to the business. We acquire relevant fittings material and equipment to buidings that suit the needs of every client. Whether it is meant for open office or closed office spaces, our skilled shop fitters will install essential shop fit outs for business improvement and success. We have a vast selection of shop fittings. These are for all types and sizes of business. For existing buildings, we also provide an evaluation and assessment of existing fit-outs for all classes of businesses.